Monday, April 20, 2009

Where is Aunt Flow?

So its been a week since the negative BETA....a week since I stopped taking hormones and a week since I was supposed to get aunt flow. Nothing so far, a little lite spotting Yesterday but thats it. Aunt flow started visiting when I was 11 and every 28 days never fail (to the half hour) she visits, except for the times that I was pregnant, but now 28 days has come and gone and aunt flow. I have to say that I didn't poas when I was pupo but since the negative beta (when aunt flow didn't come as planned last tuesday morning) starting last thursday I started peeing on Ridiculous I know but I was worried that aunt flow hadn't I poas all day thursday and part of friday of course they to were all negative. I'm starting to worry now I have NEVER been late unless there was a reason....I maybe should call my doctor and get her to have a look. I know it seems weird to worry about auntie's lack of visit but for me, no visit is weird. If anyone has any thoughts please let me know.


  1. Due to all of the hormones it's not uncommon for your cycle to not be as regular.
    Not sure, but because pf the progesterone telling your body that it's pregnant, probably the dates are now off as well.

    She'll come, but you could always call the clinic and ask how long it usually takes.

  2. AF has always arrived on time for me too, every 28 days without fail, in the morning when I wake up. However, after one of my failed cycles it took her 42 days to come. I think our bodies just get so messed up being on all of these meds. I am sure she will come, but it might take a little bit longer.

  3. As the other girls have said, I'm sure she'll be around soon... it's from all the meds, but if you are worried, I'd give the clinic a call and go from there....

    Will you be cycling again?

  4. I wouldn't worry about the late AF - when you play around with the hormones like we do, there will bound to be shifts and changes. After an IVF cycle, I am always late the next month. My cycles are bang on 27 days and I always ovulate at day 11. This cycle (first after last IVF) ran 32 days with ovulation at day 18!! Don't worry - my cycles self-regulate and go back to "normal" on their own usually within 1 cycle. Hope you're feeling better.

  5. You were on some pretty high doses of hormones and like the others said it could take more time than usual to get your period again.

    Call the doc see what he says, if it goes too long he may have some suggestions, but it's pretty normal.

    I think it's good to wait it out, the more "natural" your body gets back to, the better the sucess of the next transfer.

    It's hard waiting...seems like that's all we do, hurry up and wait. Take care of yourself.

  6. Hey R! It is pretty common to have a delayed AF after a cycle. I would give it 7 -10 days and then call your clinic and let them know. You also might want to get some accunpuncture....when AF is stubborn, the needles usually bust her out. Hope all is okay. Thinking of you!